I have a world map shapefile and I can only seem to get two results, both of which are half right.

The first, using a projection like EPSG:3857, I get a map that doesn't cut the east tip of Russia off, but does include a weird bar streaming across the whole earth:

enter image description here

On another projection, I get this, but with the Russia getting cut up problem (which I think looks a bit odd):

enter image description here

This seems to replicate no matter what Shapefile I use, so I'm guessing it's the projection?


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there are two problems. Firstly (your first picture) the datasource (from this website esri) has some bad geometries some bad geometries

Secondly, some projections decided to draw from long -180°W to 180°E. so that's why russia is cut. It could be a result of a geopolitic conflict, but I really don"t know why they chose this line. If you need to get Russia "United" on a worldwide map, you can use Polar projection , but forget the south...

from polar projection

Project the earth is a set of compromises.

Some cartographers used a trick as you can see on this picture
the tricks enter image description here
(here earth has more than 360° ...)

  • That all makes sense. Thanks a ton for your help on this. Sep 26, 2017 at 12:01

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