On my systems, QGIS 2.18 64-bit, Windows 10, attribute tables produced by the Lines To Polygons tool and Polygonize tool differ from the table of the source layer.

The source table has two fields:

ID--type Integer64, length 18;

PARCEL--type String, length 32.

All fields in the output table are type string, length 255.

Is there some setting or step I am missing to produce output tables that have the same field type and length as the source table?

The Lines to Polygons tool states: "The attribute table of the output layer is the same as the one of the input line layer."

I have tested on several other shapefiles.

Also, I get similar results with the Refactor Fields tool, i.e., all output table features are type string, length 255, which I addressed in this thread QGIS Refactor Fields unwanted behavior.

Update 10/8/17 Appears to be bug in OGIS 2.18. Upgraded to latest version 2.18.13 today and tested 'Lines to Polygons' tool with same problem results.

Then downloaded and installed QGIS 2.14.19 and ran same test. Results are as desired and expected: output layer attribute table is same as input layer.

Update 10/10/17 Today I filed Bug report #17266 https://issues.qgis.org/issues/17266.

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