I have a raster map which shows a place near Olympic dam,Australia. On the top and right border it has some Northing and Easting values 58550E & 35400N I really dont know how to locate this place. Any idea?

I have tried it in Google earth,arcmap,Qgis platform's default conversion options but not found exact location. I tried few websites like http://www.ga.gov.au/geodesy/datums/redfearn_grid_to_geo.jsp but couldn't get result

X = 58450E
Y = 35400N

Update: I have found that 5 numbers in grid denotes last 5 digits of xy coordinates,So I have to some values for xy as prefix. I tried adding some values and got some result.But I don't feel it is an exact result.Still looking for answer...


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Olympic Dam is in MGA (UTM) zone 53. Try X=658450 Y=6635400 (Latitude: -30 ° 24 ' 10.90280 '' Longitude: 136 ° 38 ' 58.03372 '')


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