I am very new to GIS and ArcMap. I am currently working on small part of a DEM using ArcHydro toolkit. I have a map which is a clipped part from DEM. When I open it in data view, it looks fine. But for adding legends and scale when I use layout view, it is just visible at the corner of the page. Can't extend it for the print. What can I do?

data view of map

layout view of map


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Try right clicking on the data frame and selecting 'Distribute', then 'Fit to Margins'.


Alternatively, you can try selecting a different printer in the 'Page and Print Setup' under File.

That seems to solve the problem for me.


You just "zoom in" from the data view to increase the map size in layout view.

This will scale up the map and fit the view in layout. I did the same thing and it worked.

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