I have to border farmlands in Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). Usually they give input in the form of DLS like SE-9-56-22-W4.So I use https://locator.scadalink.com/dls2latlng.html to find location and border farmlands.(like in Screenshot below)Border

Each Section has 640 Acres,Half 320 Acres and Quarter 160 Acres.

Currently I am facing issues, I recieved input as RiverLots like RL-8-55-22-W4. I don't know how to find these RiverLot location.

I have tried Scadalink Locator and LegalLandConverter but no use.

How do I find and border RiverLots using QGIS?

  • I guess you have to look it up at web22.gov.mb.ca/mao/public/search_select.aspx or similar locators for other provinces. QGIS has no such locators inside. – AndreJ Sep 26 '17 at 8:49
  • This site is for manitoba, and it does not have any option to find river lots. yes have to look for locators! – Sarath SRK Sep 26 '17 at 12:07

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