I would like to import (in order to create a point layer) in QGIS a csv table with UTMREF/MGRS-coordinates. The coordinates in the column look like this 32UMV6134481745. Usually QGIS requires an X and Y field. Is there a possibility in the import, or do I have to separate or even transfer the coordinates in the csv before import?

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I have no knowledge about MGRS coordinates system, but it seems Lat Lon Tools is the plugin you are looking for.

  1. Read the CSV file into QGIS as an attribute only table.

    Layer | Add Layer | Add Delimited Text Layer

    • File format: CSV
    • Geometry definition: No geometry (attribute only table)
    • Hit [OK]. You will see new layer (table) listed in the layer panel.
  2. Install and run Lat Lon Tools

    Plugins | Lat Lon Tools | MGRS Conversions | MGRS to Geometry

    • Input Table/Layer: your MGRS layer
    • Field Containing MGRS Coordinates: assign field name
    • Hit [OK]

That's all. I may be wrong but the point 32UMV6134481745 returned Lon= 8.46627, Lat= 49.48711.

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