Using ArcGIS 10.4, how I can modify the Date() functions on VB or Python scripts of field Calculator

Now (  )
datetime.datetime.now( )

to get only time like


  • datetime.datetime.now() should return a datetime object with the date and time.. are you trying to store this in a date field or a string field? What do you get if you calc to datetime.datetime.now().date()? Commented Sep 26, 2017 at 22:48

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This is a little off topic as it has to do with pure python (or VB).

Using the python parser you can get the current time with the function:

datetime.datetime.now().strftime('%H:%M') # use '%h:%M' for 12 hour time

Have a read of strftime behavior, note that this will be a string, not a datetime, so can only be stored in a string field.


The following python code can be run in a field calculate:

t = datetime.datetime.now()
h = t.hour
m = t.minute
s = str(h) + ":" + str(m)

You would then return the string s which would be something "23:51".

You should also explore the tool Convert Time Field which already exists and can extract out a variety of formatted date/times. It is in the same toolbox as the Calculate Field tool...

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