Just wondering if its possible to extract a line that between two polygons - hopefully the image illustrates this well - I want to extract Line A-B. I'm using MapInfo.

Currently I've used the Intersect function but it results in the entire polygon being selected. I realize there may be a few steps required here.

enter image description here

  1. Make desired layer editable. Select the polygons A and B. Convert to Polylines.
  2. Click on reshape button showing you the nodes. Put SNAP on and draw a polygon around the line you wanna extract.
  3. Now use the Polyline Split option. Now you may save the splited line elsewhere or keep it there.

Just to follow up, in the end I create a small buffer of polygon A, converted polygon B to polylines and then selected Polyline B within the Polygon A buffer.

It was a bit crude and labour intensive but good enough for my purposes. Thanks for the responses everyone.

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