I have several hundred JPG images taken during a time lapse of a drive, with each image containing embedded GPS information.

Is there an OS X friendly workflow that can allow me to:

  1. create a highway map image (say a 300x300 pixel Google map representing approx a 3mi x 3mi area) centered around the geo coordinates taken from the embedded GPS exif data of that image
  2. overlay that map image onto the corner of the original image, and
  3. repeat for all images in the time lapse sequence.

I think with a combination of ImageMagick and shell scripting, I can probably do (2) and (3), but I don't know how to do (1).


Here is a very high-level overview of how I think this could be accomplished with Python:

  1. Use a library such as exif.py to parse out the locational data for the photo from the headers
  2. Use mapnik to generate the map and plot the point location you acquired in the above step
  3. Use pil to resize the png you get output from mapnik and to place it onto the corner of the photo

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