I have two DEMs. my plan is to subtract 1 DEM from the other and extract only the values that are greater than 1 and set values that are less than 1 to no data or null

I can do this in 3 steps but I would like this to be done in 1 query in the raster calculator

1. dem2 - dem1 #output = subtract_DEM
2. subtract_DEM >= 1 #output = subtract_DEM_grt1
3. SetNull(0, subtract_DEM_grt1) 

how can I compute this into one expression using the arcgis raster calculator

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Just use Con function statement:


Check the result of subtraction of two DEMs:

enter image description here

Violet cell has a difference of 3; brown, 2; black, one; and whites spaces are Null values.


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