I have a large (extent not size) polygon layer of the German federal state borders on my PostgreSQL data base. There is also an index on the geom column.

CREATE INDEX germany_bld_geom_idx
  ON spatial_derived.germany_bld
  USING gist

Using the sf:: package to load the layer into R takes extremely long ~40s:

# bld = sf::st_read_db(con, table = c('spatial_derived', 'germany_bld'))
bld = sf::st_read_db(con, query = "SELECT * FROM spatial_derived.germany_bld", geom_column = 'geom')

Using the postGIStools:: package, it is done in ~0.5s:

bld = postGIStools::get_postgis_query(con, "SELECT * FROM spatial_derived.germany_bld", geom_name="geom")
bld = sf::st_as_sf(bld)

Up to now I've only seen advantages in using sf:: in R, however in this case other packages are faster. Is st_read_db() still in development? What causes this big difference?

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