I have a tiff image with 4 bands (Red, Green, Blue and Infrared) and I need to extract two of them.

I want to input one image and split it and make two images. I want to do it with GeoTools since I use Java to develop.

How I do that?

PS: I can do it with gdal and command line. (e.g. gdal_translate -b 3 in.tiff out.tiff which 3 is the number of band)

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You could look into org.geotools.process.raster

BandSelectProcess.execute(GridCoverage2D coverage, int[] sampleDims, Integer visibleSampleDim)

List<ZoneGeometry> RasterZonalStatistics2.execute(GridCoverage2D coverage, int[] bands, List<SimpleFeature> zones, GridCoverage2D classifier, Range nodata, Geometry mask, boolean useROIAccessor, Polygon roi, Statistics.StatsType[] stats, double[] minbounds, double[] maxbounds, int[] numbins, List<Range> rangeData, boolean localStats)

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