I am trying to build multiple print composers but most of the sheets that I have to work with use the same layers with an exception to one unique layer. Is it possible to create one map document with all the layers I need and then distribute the layers to various print composers that I specify in code?

I think I am creating way too many map documents when I can just create one and a python script would automatically set up print composers that corresponds to a standard I specify. I am new to the qgis library for python. Is there any base code I can work off of or any useful links that I should see?

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You can check out those links.

QGIS export composer as pdf in python

Saving Map Canvas as PNG with transparent background programmatically with QGIS?

How to programmatically export a composition as image?

How to fill composer map with canvas data and export composition as png using Python script in QGIS

I am also stuck on how to create a map composer, add layers and legend to it and then output it (in pdf). Tell if you find out !

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