Im trying to create static map and im having problem:

Invalid or nonexistent map configuration token

When I publish map I get two links and they work fine with token in link https://rokiszb.carto.com/builder/ec62c84b-c6ec-41b3-9468-353b608c88fe/embed . But this token doesnt work for my static map link https://rokiszb.carto.com/api/v1/map/static/center/ec62c84b-c6ec-41b3-9468-353b608c88fe/10/54.1/24.1/1500/1500.jpg


You are mistaking the viz.json with the layergroupid. The former is the one you need to add to your API call. You can get it using your browser network tab:


I have also replaced the output to .png format because it looks like there is an issue related to .jpg:



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