I want to use two different GDAL versions on my Ubuntu 16.04. I installed GDAL via the UbuntuGIS ppa and via anaconda. My GDAL for python works fine, but when I want to use gdal_translate via the shell to convert a .jp2 to .tif the following error occurs:

ERROR 4: `/media/lastro/.../L2A_T32ULB_20170430T103021_AOT_10m.jp2' not recognized as a supported file format

When I remove anaconda and have only gdal from the ubuntuGIS ppa installed then it works, but when I then install anaconda with the gdal binding the same error occurs.

Does someone know a workaround for this problem?


You should set your environment variable to the ubuntuGIS GDAL, as this will have the needed file support. You should have a PATH variable set to the correct GDAL.

First check with the command which -a gdal-config where your GDAL versions are installed. The -a checks for several installations. There should be two in your case. Then check with echo $PATH if you have a PATH set to your installation folder of your Ubuntugis-GDAL. If not you need to set the variable with export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/directory_of_ubuntugis_gdal.


It is possible as noted in this post Multiple versions of GDAL (32bit and 64bit) on same machine.

I would count on it being an issue during installation as where the GDAL is being read from and install location perhaps.

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