I am following this video tutorial on how to create a leaflet legend.

here is my full JS code

            function getCountyColor(popEst){
                    return 'red';
                }else if(popEst > 50000000){
                    return 'blue';
                    return 'green';
            function countriesStyle(feature){
                return {
                    weight: 2,
                    opacity: 1,
                    color: 'white',
                    dashArray: 3,
                    fillOpacity: 0.7
            var map=L.map('map').setView([40.876,-74.9999],8);
            var countries_layer=L.geoJSON(countries,{
                style: countriesStyle
            var legend = L.control({position: 'botomright'});
                var div=L.DomUtil.create('div','legend');
                var labels=["Population greater than 100000000","Population greater than 50000000",
                            "Population equal or less than 50000000"];
                var grades = [100000001,50000001,50000000];
                for(var i=0; i <grades.length; i++){
                    div.innerHTML+='<i style="background:'+getCountyColor(grades[i])+'''>&nbsp;</i>&nbsp;&nbsp;'
                return div;

before I tried adding a legend it looked like this

enter image description here

now since I added the legend code no map shows up and in the console I see this error

enter image description here

I am following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXSIU05It4g&index=3&list=PLNCPalajQvg55_lI2bkO2mvESqxrTwyJJ

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There's a typo in the code. It should be:

var legend = L.control({position: 'bottomright'});

instead of:

var legend = L.control({position: 'botomright'});
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    this one of of the errors, I also had getCountyColor(grades[i])+'''>&nbsp; instead of getCountyColor(grades[i])+' ">&nbsp;
    – ziggy
    Commented Oct 19, 2017 at 15:08

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