How to read\retrieve the geospatial extent of a georeferenced pdf file ? Is this information stored as metadata with the PDF file ?

is there any API in python or other language that can read \ fetch this information ?


It doesn't seem possible Is it possible to georeference an existing, un-georeferenced pdf?

I'm not sure if there's an open source solution for applying these tags to PDF. One open-source way would be to use a PDF library (I used iText for this purpose) and write the code yourself, but this is difficult, since there aren't many free Geospatial PDF viewers/readers that you could use to test the results and make sure the georeference is valid.

If you had access to Adobe acrobate pro you could follow these steps A-Mason-How-to-PDF-Georeference

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According to Esri, It is not possible, FAQ: Is it possible to directly georeference a PDF file in ArcMap?

Question Is it possible to directly georeference a PDF file in ArcMap?

Answer No, it is not possible to georeference a PDF file directly in ArcMap. This is mainly because ArcGIS does not support PDF as an input format. The PDF file must be converted to a supported raster format, such as JPEG or TIFF, and be added to ArcMap before georeferencing.

Here are some options to workaround.

Converting the PDF file to a supported raster format can either be done by:

• Scanning the PDF document.
• Taking a screenshot of the PDF file.
• Using an online conversion tool.
• Using the 'PDF to TIFF' tool.

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