I am manually creating a polyline layer in ESRI geodatabase. Lines are of 2 vertices (start-end), variable length but all very short. I am using directional symbol with arrow at the end (or middle). And I have a small annoying problem: I cannot see the shortest lines. The arrow just disappears when its size is less than the line at that scale. What I get is this: enter image description here

And I have troubles to see short lines like the upper two especially when I add more layers to the map, because I am creating the lines based on other geodatabase layers.

Increasing the width is not good because it shows a perpendicular expansion of a real line. I just want ArcGIS to show me the arrow symbol always, no matter the visible length of the line. I was searching in Symbol properties as it was advised also here Showing directional line symbol in ArcGIS for Desktop? but could not find the solution. When I google, I find only opposite situations (people want to show different symbols depending on the length). Converting line ends to points to show symbols is not possible because I am editing the layer and adding new lines. So I really need to see them well, and their direction. What I want is this: enter image description here

I am using ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop. Maybe this is a fault of ArcGIS? Because QGIS is showing arrows as I need: enter image description here


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You may add a triangle marker point style at the end of line "end". This should show at all zoom levels and show on any new features that are added. For details see this q/a:

Arrow Representation/Symbology

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    With normal symbology marker is not working well. But creating a Representation and then a marker was tough but finally worked
    – nadya
    Commented Oct 17, 2017 at 11:43

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