I am using the ESRI World Locator to find address candidates for a location in Canada. I should preface that I live in the United States and have a rudimentary at best understanding of international postal codes. The problem I'm seeing is that the candidate's "Match_addr" looks like this:

"Match_addr": "168 Garrison Rd, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A"

I am expecting the postal code in these candidates to have 6 characters (7 if you include the space), but these only have three. Granted, there is a PostalExt field in the outfields that has the other three characters of the code.

Is this a bug? If not, can I reliably interrogate the PostalExt outfield for the full code?


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After consulting with ESRI Support, I found out that the data that created the locator does not have 6 character postal codes for Canadian addresses. There was an internal enhancement request made (000101787) but the issue was closed, reason being the data does not have 6 character postal codes for PointAddress and StreetAddress matches. @KHibma 's comment is likely the reason but I don't have enough rep to +1 his comment or mark as answer. A sincere thank you for all who replied.


It is possible that it is a bug, I haven't found any cases at this point to indicate that. However, based on your input and Esri findaddress documentation, you should be receiving all outfields including the postal codes.

Multifield request URL: In this example, the street address component (380 New York St) is passed as the value for the address parameter; the city component (Redlands) as the value for the city parameter; the state component (CA) as the region parameter; and the ZIP Code (92373) as the value for the postal parameter. Also in this example, all possible output fields are returned (outFields=), even if they don't contain a value.*

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