I have created a topology schema 'parcele_topo' with the default tables edge_data, face, node and relation. I also imported a polygon shapefile to this schema using shp2pgsql-gui as table 'parcele_tsur_116'. I added a topogeometry column (named 'topo') to this table using:

select topology.addtopogeometrycolumn('parcele_topo','parcele_topo','parcele_tsur_116','topo','polygon');

This is the topology summary:

Topology parcele_topo (id 3, SRID 2462, precision 0.005)0 nodes, 0 edges, 0 faces, 0 topogeoms in 0 layers Layer 1, type Polygonal (3), 0 topogeoms Deploy: parcele_topo.parcele_tsur_116.topo

And this is the screenshot:

enter image description here

Now I want to convert this simple table to topogeometry layer inside this topology schema so I can use topological analyses.


1- Create topology schema

select topology.createtopology('schema',srid,tolerance);

2-Create table structure identical the one that will be converted

create table schema.table2 
(like schema.table1 including all);

3-Add topogeometry column to the table

select topology.addtopogeometrycolumn('schema','yourtopology','table2','topo','polygon');

4-Check the topology info

select topology_id,layer_id,schema_name as sn,feature_column as fc
from topology.layer;

select * from topology.topologysummary('yourtopology');

5-If everything is set up, proceed to the insertion of the data

insert into schema.table2(attribute1,topo)
select attribute1,topology.totopogeom(geom,'yourtopology',1)
from schema.table1;

Reference material:


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