I have two rasters with different extents that overlap partly:

ext1 <- extent(99500,700500,249500,600500)
ext2 <- extent(1356,643990,269903,690810)

#create rasters
rr1 <- raster(matrix(runif(1000000,0,100), 1000, 1000))
rr2 <- raster(matrix(runif(1000000,0,100), 1000, 1000))

extent(rr1) <- ext1
extent(rr2) <- ext2

How can I plot both rasters in one plot?

I've tried

ext3 <- extent(min(ext1[1],ext2[1]),max(ext1[2],ext2[2]),
plot(rr1, ext = ext3)

But the only the extent of rr1 is used.


Merge the extents (which saves all that min/max stuff!) and plot the extent, then add the rasters:

em = merge(extent(rr1),extent(rr2))
plot(em, type="n")
plot(rr1,add=TRUE, legend=FALSE)
plot(rr2, add=TRUE, legend=FALSE)

Use type="n" so a box isn't drawn round the extent. Use legend=FALSE or you get two overlapping legends.

From experiments it seems to me that plot(r, ext=e) only has an effect if e is within r, in other words for focusing on a part of a raster, not zooming out. The help sort of implies this:

 ext: An extent object to zoom in a region (see also ‘zoom’ and
      ‘crop(x, drawExtent())’

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