Following on from GDAL/OGR Geometry Type Python, what is the best way to determine if a vector geometry is any kind of line or point or whatever?

For example, I'm using this technique at the moment,

# check geom type is supported
vector_lyr = vector_ds.GetLayer()
ftr = vector_lyr.GetNextFeature()
geom = ftr.GetGeometryRef()
geom_type = geom.GetGeometryType()

if geom_type in (ogr.wkbLineString, ogr.wkbMultiLineString):
elif geom_type in (ogr.wkbPoint, ogr.wkbMultiPoint):
    raise NotImplementedError(
        'Geometry Type {} is not supported'.format(geom.GetGeometryName()))

but it feels like it doesn't cover all geometry types. What if it's a curve, or a ring, or a geometry collection? Should I just list all the possible types in the if statements above, or is there a better way? There doesn't seem to be a catch-all is_line() method.


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Looks like the answer is no - you have to write your own.

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