Let's say that:

  • I have centralized, single GeoServer for all application
  • There's bunch of apps (that require login) that need WMS layers
  • Web server of apps act as reverse proxy for GeoServer. Hence client that opens app-1, gets WMS layers by sending "http://app-1/geoserver/...".
  • There's no direct access available from Client to Geoserver

enter image description here

Client can potentially get the WMS layer from Geoserver via the reverse proxy of these apps. Client can just request "http://app-1/geoserver/...". I need to make sure that:

  • Client that is authenticated in app-1 gets the layer from "http://app-1/geoserver/..." (either via the web browser accessing app-1, or directly from browser url)
  • Client that is NOT authenticated in app-1 gets ignored when requesting the layer from "http://app-1/geoserver/..."

How to do this?

Few notes: there's a load balancer in the cluster in the illustration.

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