I have a lot of data associated with a layer in QGIS. Each individual feature has its own information associated with it - but this information is within a number of different PDF files.

I have managed to create an action that opens the particular PDF file associated with the element easy enough - but I want to be able to search within the PDF once it is open. For example:

open [% "File Link"%] searchtext = [% "ID" %]

So, I want to open a pdf file from one column (in the attributes table), and then search that pdf with the word in another column of the attributes table.

Essentially, I want the action to "Ctrl F" and jump to the correct page without me having to manually do it.

Alternatively, if I extracted all the PDF's - is there a way to search a folder with the [% "ID" %] name, so I don't have to link every single document path to its corresponding feature?

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