I am trying to pass the geometry of a polyline from a map service layer to the elevation profile widget. Normally, when using a polyline generated from the Draw tool, we can grab the event geometry upon drawing end:

this._toolbar.on("draw-end", (e: any) => this.refreshElevationProfile(e));

refreshElevationProfile(evt): void {
    this._elevationProfileWidget.set("profileGeometry", evt.geometry);

Using an identify task, I can get the layers in my map service layer upon map click. But does anyone know how to get specifically the geometry from a feature from one of the layers? (Say the top-most layer for example)

  • Were you able to get this working? I'm facing the same requirement with the elevation profile widget.
    – Beanwah
    Jun 13, 2018 at 20:33

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Something like this should do the trick.

    public selectPolyline(){
        this._mapClickHandler = this.map
            .on("click", e => this.executeIdentifyTasks(e, this.map.getLayersVisibleAtScale()));

    public executeIdentifyTasks(event: any, layers: Array<Layer>): void {

        let identifyTasks: Array<Promise<any>> = new Array<Promise<any>>();
        layers.forEach(l => {
            var ids = (<any>l).layerInfos.map(x => x.id);
            let identifyParams = this.getIdentifyParamsForRequest(event.mapPoint, this.map, [ids]);
            let identifyTask = new IdentifyTask(l.url);

        let identifiedItems: Array<any> = new Array<any>();
        Observable.forkJoin(identifyTasks).subscribe((responses: Array<IdentifyResult>) => {
            if (responses[0][0].feature.geometry.type === "polyline") {
                console.log("We have a polyline");
            responses.forEach(layerResponse => {
                if (layerResponse[0].geometryType === "esriGeometryPolyline") {


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