How can I determine the source of an existing layer in GeoServer?

To illustrate, I have a Data Store pointing to a PostgreSQL database, and I Publish a table in this PG database to create a GeoServer layer.

The layer creation page shows the Data Store and PG table name, but I rename the layer so that the layer name no longer matches the PG table name:

enter image description here

After the layer has been published, reopening the layer's page in GeoServer no longer references the actual table name in PostgreSQL:

enter image description here

How can I trace the fact that the layer blah is sourced from the table aus_supplychain_motor_webmap_qaa_clms?

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The information is available in the feature type. While I haven't found it using the UI, you can use the REST interface to see it:


ex: http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/workspaces/odltest/datastores/DBcan/featuretypes/roads_test.xml

Alternatively, you can browse to /<geoserver_data>/workspaces/<workspacename>/<store name>/<layer name> and read the file featuretype.xml, specificaly the field <nativeName> ex:


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