I'm implementing the option to return to the last position with cookies but I don't know how to set the last resolution.

Here part of the code:

if (setPos) {
  var setPos = sessionStorage.getItem('mappos').split(',');
  view.centerOn( [setPos[0], setPos[1]] , map.getSize(), [($(window).innerWidth()/2), ($(window).innerHeight()/2)]);


} else {
    var tmp = getUserPrefs();
    if (tmp != null) {
      var urlpos = window.location.search.replace( "?", "" );

    if (urlpos.search('defpos') == -1) {
            sDefPos = tmp;
            var setPos = sDefPos.split(',');
  } else {
      var setPos = twSettings.defpos.split(',');

view.setResolution() it works but then if I move the zoom the map disappears and I have to delete the browser history to have it back.

There is a way to set the last zoom level and maintain the resolutions array I have in the view and be able to continue exploring the map?


The solution was:


It seems that centerOn accept the number in the array but setResolution doesn't recognize that number as a number.

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