I have a password protected ArcGIS-FeatureServer Service, the service provides 25 layers.

Using "Add Layer --> Add ArcGIS-FeatureServer-Layer" works like it should.

Is there any way to add these kind of layers with PyQGIS? I could not find a documentation or example anywhere.

How to Add a normal WFS layer with PyQGIS is well documented.

For ArcGIS MapServer it is super-easy:

iface.addRasterLayer("url='my_featuere_layer_url' layer='0'", "mylayer", "arcgismapserver")

But the provider "arcgismapserver" is not documented anywhere, just found an example after some search, so I expect that there is a similar solution for ArcGIS-FeatureServer.

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After all, the answer is quite simple (but nowhere documented):

uri = "crs='EPSG:25832' filter='' url='http://someurl.com/featureserver' table="" sql="
my_layer = QgsVectorLayer(uri, "layername", "arcgisfeatureserver")

The lack of documentation leads to a lot of other questions (bounding-box, username, password, ...)


Check out the ArcGISConnector-QGIS-Plugin connector.py file. Looks like it requests the features service as json using the requests module.

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    Thx, already checked that out, but hoping for an easier solution and it seems to be a very complicated solution. For ArcGIS MapServer it is super-easy, therefore I assume a similar solution for ArcGIS FeatureServer, it is just not documented.
    – AndreasK
    Commented Oct 30, 2017 at 8:32

I still can't find any decent documentation (issue 40406).

Scanning qgsafsprovider.cpp gives some clues.

Note 'filter' doesn't seem to be working (issue 27635)

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