I have a shapefile of multiple watersheds, and I want to extract one of them to save as its own shapefile. I have no clue which package or command to use.

Can someone point me to a function within GeoPandas or another Python package?

import geopandas

shed = geopandas.read_file('CA_HUC12.shp')
OBJECTID    TNMID   LoadDate    GNIS_ID AreaAcres   AreaSqKm    States         Geometry 
1       2012-10-15  0.0 21270.0 86.076712   CA  180300120503    Canoas Creek   POLYGON ((-120.1708092427523 36.07190695803973..
2       2012-10-15  0.0 32827.0 132.846273  CA  180600150201    Bear Creek     POLYGON ((-122.1102488777835 37.24771269698346...

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This is based on the wonderful GeoPython tutorial here. You can use slicing to get your new watershed: new_shapefile.shp as shown below

out = "C:/your_data_folder/new_shapefile.shp"
selection = shed[161:162] # where you watershed of interest is in row 161

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