I want to write some log in the log tab of processing algorithm User Interface.

I tried this :

from qgis.core import QgsMessageLog


but when I launch the script "test" is not logged.

enter image description here

How to write a log in the processing User Interface ?

the processing guide log's chapter doesn't tell much about writing a log in this tab.

If i use :

from qgis.core import QgsMessageLog
QgsMessageLog.logMessage("test", tag="Processing", level=QgsMessageLog.INFO)

the log result is wrote under the console log panel called "Processing", but not in the processing GUI log tab. enter image description here


You can do this with global variable progress. see the user manual, processing chapter


Will print 'Youpi' in the processing log.

It supports html formatting:


to print in bold...

progress come also with setPercentage() methods to control the progress bar

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