So I am having some issues getting my USGS DEM to display in 3d in ArcScene. I downloaded my DEM (.jpg) and brought it into ArcScene. I clicked properties and base heights and floating on a custom surface, and then after accepting, the DEM is still completely flat.

What am I doing wrong?

I thought I had already put it into a projected coordinate system.

What coordinate system is it in when I download it from USGS?

How would I change it correctly?

What I am trying to do ultimately is use the 3d elevations for a flood simulation.

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    A .jpg is not a DEM. You likely have a rendered image without elevation. Can you edit your question and specify exactly what you downloaded. – user2856 Oct 29 '17 at 6:07
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A few possibilities I can think of:

First, maybe it's already in 3D, and you just need to view it from a different angle/perspective by e.g. using the mouse to rotate the scene.

Second, maybe the variation in elevation is too small as compared to the extent of your DEM. You may want to try change the vertical exaggeration or z-factor.

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