I have the following situation:

I want to find the shortest route from A to B through nodes (C,D,E, etc.) with turn directions and road type filtering.

Is there a way to accomplish this using pgRouting? Has anyone done this? I haven't begun developing anything yet, I'm just trying to find out if pgRouting is the way to go.


Update: The algorithm should determine the order of nodes (C,D,E, etc.)

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I don't think there is a direct way to calculate routes via in-between nodes in pgRouting. You could try to calculate routes from A to C, A to D and so on and write an algorithm yourself using the Dijkstra shortest route algorithm.

Turn directions are not possible (as far as I know), but road type filtering can be done using a condition in the WHERE clause.


In case you still looking for more alternatives, there is another excellent (and fast) package out there called osrm that deserves some attention. I just found it myself, the code can be found on github


Turn-Restricted-Shortest-Path-(TRSP) Gives me expression that it should be working or experimental option in pgRouting

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