I'm using this statement in an add in to update the first pane of the ArcMap 10 statusbar:

ArcMap.Application.StatusBar.set_Message(0, message);

When the method is called, no exceptions are raised. In my OnClick method, I display a message box and when that occurs, I do see the text of the last message. It seems like the pane needs to be refreshed, but I don't see a method that does that.

I tried:


but that doesn't help.

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Try adding a Application.DoEvents, the STA thread probably don't have time to consume events. An other way would be to create a background worker thread that does your work, that would free the STA thread to process the event loop.


I am using StatusBar messages to inform the user of progress during a long piece of processing. My messages were not being displayed, except if a message box was also created.

The suggestion of MathiasWestin works well. Tested Arc10.3.1 Desktop with VB.Net The code is of the form My.ArcMap.Application.StatusBar.Message(0) = EditorMessage Application.DoEvents()

Note that the ArcMap application and the Application are different. I also tried using system.threading.thread.sleep to add a 100msec delay. This did not work, longer times would then become noticible by users.

Using Application.DoEvents also seems to help when changing mouse cursors. The ESRI.FrameWork.MouseCursor mouse cursor is defined: Dim pMouseCursor As MouseCursor = New MouseCursor '

I have found that the mouse cursor reverts to the standard pointer after geoprocessing jobs. Setting it again to a wait cursor using: pMouseCursor.SetCursor(2) ' 2 is wait cursor sometimes did not work. Adding a DoEvents made the switching of the mouse cursor more reliable.


Untested suggestion: instead of passing 0, try ArcMap.Application.hWnd.

  • I tried this, but it does not work and you are likely to get an ArgumentException (does not fall within expected range).
    – Preston
    Commented Jan 13, 2017 at 3:41
  • The value 0 is the integer value of the esriStatusBarPanes.esriStatusMain enum value which is the "Leftmost pane where application messages are displayed."
    – Preston
    Commented Jan 13, 2017 at 3:57

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