I have a shape with 2 features and 2 fields: each field represents the path of a picture. The first feature has both field (so 2 pictures) while the second one has just one picture (the second field is NULL).

When I use the map composer combined with the atlas I'd like to export for each feature also the pictures but what I'm trying to do is to not having the red X for the second picture of the second feature:

first feature with both pictures

enter image description here

second feature with only one picture enter image description here

Is there a way to use the Atlas feature and don't render the picture when the field is NULL?

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In the Item Properties tab, check the box next to "Exclude item from exports," and click the "data defined override" button next to it.

enter image description here

Input this expression:


Substitute the name of your field where it says "field."

Now the image with a null filepath will be excluded when you export the print composer.

Note that it will still display with a red X in the print composer itself. If you don't want to see that red X even in the print composer, instead use data-defined override for image transparency with this code:

CASE WHEN "field" is null THEN 100 END

  • hi @csk. Thanks for the answer. Sometimes your suggestion works perfectly sometimes not. So I guess it is something related to my data. Thanks!
    – matteo
    Oct 31, 2017 at 9:47

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