I am using FTTx Planner (Open Source element of Geospatial Network Inventory system) but when I try to use GniPlannerFTTH plugin in QGIS I get the following error:

"Couldn't load plugin GniPlannerFTTH due to an error when calling its classFactory() method"

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This message rely on Qgis couldn't find the classFactory method to use this plugin. As this plugin is not in the official repo you need to install it manually and take care of some points :

  1. Be sure that your python interpreter have the scipy an openpyxl libs install. This is because the plugins rely on them. From the osgeo console (on Windows) or from a the bash console (in linux) execute python and try to import the libs : import scipy and import openpyxl if none of them return any errors they are installed. If not you need to install them with pip or easy_install. like so : pip install scipy and for the other one pip install openpyxl
  2. Grab the 2 folders GniPlannerFTTHand WorkContextTracer and put them in the *user_home_directory*/.qgis2/python/plugins/
  3. Then you should able to activate them without errors.

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