The pause-drawing, refresh, and data/layout toggle buttons have disappeared from my view window. I'm using ArcGIS Desktop Standard 10.4.1. I've not upgraded recently or made any changes to the ArcMap configuration. I recognize there are other ways to accomplish these tasks, but I enjoy the convenience of these tools in the lower left corner of the map.

I'm not aware of this button configuration being a toolbar, but I did search through the toolbars unsuccessfully.

These tools are available in 10.4.1. See here.

enter image description here

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You can show/hide these buttons by selecting View from the menu bar then selecting/deselecting Scroll Bars:

enter image description here


I found the problem. Apparently these buttons are part of the "Scroll Bars". The "View" menu has an option to toggle the Scroll Bars on/off. Mine were toggled off.

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