I am using the contour plugin to generate intermediate contours. I have a vector file with 5 foot contours and want to interpolate 1 foot contours from it. The procedure I used was:

  1. Extract nodes from my 5 foot contours vector file. Original 5 ft contours


  1. Create intermediate contours from nodes extracted from original 5 foot contours. Intermediate-contours-from-Contours-plugin

  2. Nodes from intermediate contours. Nodes-of-intermediate-contours-from-Contours-plugin

The problem is that the intermediate contours are not very good in some of the open areas. I assume that this is due to the nodes of the intermediate contours the open areas are too far apart.

Is there a way to get the contour plugin to generate more nodes in these open areas to make the generated intermediate contours in these open areas better?

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