I'm trying to do a HQL query based off a map extent. I cant get this to work, what am I doing wrong? I'm using the taxi_demo in the ESRI example.

SELECT ST_Bin(0.001, ST_Point(dropoff_longitude,dropoff_latitude)) bin_id, *FROM taxi_demo WHERE ST_Contains(ST_Envelope(-8238484.195726455, 4969891.9664984355, -8235431.491909235, 4971962.932233592), ST_Point(dropoff_longitude,dropoff_latitude))

Am I doing something wrong or fat fingering something? It says: No matching method for class com.esri.hadoop.hive.ST_Envelope with (double, double, double, double). Possible choices: FUNC(binary) enter image description here

  • What versions of Spatial Framework for Hadoop, Esri Geometry, Hive, and Hadoop? – Randall Whitman Nov 6 '17 at 16:49
  • Thanks, for the quick response. esri-geometry-api-1.2.1,spatial-sdk-hive-1.1.1, spatial-sdk-json-1.1.1, HDFS , MapReduce2 , Hive – Matthew Gray Nov 7 '17 at 20:01

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