How can I set my geometry column to coordinate system EPSG5514 Krovak in CARTO? I would like to publish maps on this system.

If I enter:

   the_geom = ST_Transform (ST_SetSRID (the_geom, 5514), 4326);

So the data will be displayed outside of the Czech Republic somewhere on the North Pole. Also the data in the_geom layer contains geographic coordinates and not equal - EPSG5514. the_geom:

  • Can you share the link to your original dataset? Also, CARTO does not allow todo change basemap projection. However, here is a workaround: removing the basemap and adding a layer as a basemap. – ramiroaznar Nov 9 '17 at 19:48

You need to update the_geom column using PostGIS ST_Transform and ST_SetSRID functions:

  the_geom = ST_Transform(ST_SetSrid(the_geom),5514),4326)

The following screenshot shows how to do a simple SELECT statement:

enter image description here

Do notice that I am transforming the point into web Mercator projection because I wanted only to see it.

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