I have been trying to find a marker animation plugin for OpenLayers to sync lat, lon, and time data along a track like this (in Leaflet):


Basically i want to draw a line string and animate the first marker till the tend with timeline slider with speed control. I have seen : https://openlayers.org/en/latest/examples/feature-move-animation.html but it is confusing and doesn't meet my requirement. Looking for a easy sample example.


Here is an example of OL3 feature animation. It doesn't have a timeline slider but speed control and reverse animation. As a plus the example uses gpx data to animate a track.

It uses featureanimation.js and can be used on a ol.layer.Vector vector and a ol.Feature feature applying a ol.Feature path like that:

vector.animateFeature (feature, 
    new ol.featureAnimation.Path({  
        path: path,
        easing: ol.easing['linear'],
        speed: 1.2

Should be straight forward to connect the date/time values to a slider like jquery ui slider.

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