Currently generating PNG raster tiles (mapnik) with custom style where I store one information (map_feature) by channel (rgba).
Mapnik seems to multiply alpha with value of red, green or blue. I completly understand the rendering engine case seeing 0 as alpha interpreting as full transparent pixel. I just need it to write the color value anyway.
More explanations on my setup :

I have an OSM Database to deliver PNG raster tiles. Nothing much to say about the setup - It's working perfectly.

  • PostgreSQL
  • Mod_tile
  • Mapnik

I've setup a new style based on osm-bright in order to display one type of information by channel :

  • Channel Red rgba(255,0,0,1) --> Rivers
  • Channel Green rgba(0,255,0,1) --> Water_areas
  • Channel Blue rgba(0,0,255,1) --> Forest

Using alpha as 1 and with 3 informations works.
However when i try to swap alpha channel to 0 and add info in alpha channel :

  • Channel Alpha rgba(0,0,0,255) --> Roads
  • Channel Red rgba(255,0,0,0) --> Rivers
  • Channel Green rgba(0,255,0,0) --> Water_areas
  • Channel Blue rgba(0,0,255,0) --> Forest

When I'm analyzing the raster tile (the BINARY not with my eyes) I can't find anymore the value store where as rgb were. I don't need to see them just disable the interpretation of Mapnik (or agg_renderer). I've dig deep inside mapnik github code I found this :

Github - Mapnik: test/unit/imaging/image_premultiply.cpp

It seems to be a function called set_premultiplied_alpha() which could explain why (255,0,0,0) pixel is interpreted as (0,0,0,0).

How can I fix my problem?

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