I have a line layer describing a road network, with traffic attribute values for both driving directions. I would like to display label for both traffic values with direction symbols (above label is traffic in digit direction) :

   1500 >
   < 2200

Direction symbols option works perfectly but displays only one direction symbols :

   2200 >

I managed do display two direction symbols using an expression :

'<' || "dir_1" || '\n' || "dir_2" || '>'

but it's correct or not depending on the line orientation :

             1500 >                 1500 >
correct : <-----------   wrong : ----------->
             < 2200                 < 2200

Is there a workaround ?

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First, make sure that your all lines have the good orientation...

Then, I found the same problem but I think I found an alternative solution... It seems that the return direction doesn't work.

If you make two labeling rules for the both directions :

  • 1 left testing if left label column is not null
  • 1 right testing if right label column is not null

For the right direction (return) you can checking the box "invert direction" i think it works...
I do not know if there is a better solution...

  • my left and right label columns are usually not null...
    – sigeal
    Commented Nov 9, 2017 at 16:36

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