I've never set up a development environment on Windows before.

I followed this guide which is for PostgreSQL 9, but nevertheless. PostGIS is supposed to be installable through Stack Builder, but Stack Builder 4 does not show any Spatial Extensions. I can't find any stand-alone bundles for PostGIS, nor anybody that has the same problem.

When I throw SELECT AddGeometryColumn('testtable', 'g', 3036, 'POINT', 2) at my postgre-server it tells me that addgeometrycolumn() cannot be found, so I assume that PostGIS is missing.

Any hints as to where to start with this one?

  • Sorry everyone. There is a known problem with PostGIS for PostgreSQL 10 which is not yet bundled as of today (nov 2017). In the meanwhile PostgreSQL 9.6 still comes effortlessly with PostGIS (which I went for), but there are unreleased versions available from the PostGIS download page.
    – nJGL
    Commented Nov 9, 2017 at 15:21

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nJGL yah sorry the folks that manage the Stackbuilder stuff are on vacation I was told. So issue is still there. I did upload the exes to Stackbuilder so as soon as the issue is fixed they would show up there.

The stackbuilder will just give you the same installer files you'll find here.


For 64-bit http://winnie.postgis.net/download/windows/pg10/buildbot/postgis-bundle-pg10x64-setup-2.4.1-1.exe

I haven't packaged pg10 32-bit since I'm having issue with the pointcloud build, hopefully you don't need that. If you need the 32-bit just use the binaries.

  • BTW on stackbuilder now, but to see it requires upgrading to 10.1 and a reboot.
    – Regina Obe
    Commented Nov 12, 2017 at 4:39
  • thanks for the direct path to winnie.postgis.net
    – leole
    Commented May 23, 2019 at 8:16

This is now 7 years later. For whoever may encounter a similar problem, the winnie.postgis.net suggested by @ReginaObe still works.

Now on postgres 16, I encountered a similar problem and just changed the value 10 in the link to 16, i.e from winnie.postgis.net/download/windows/pg10/buildbot/ to winnie.postgis.net/download/pg16/buildbot/

The installation was seamless. Hopefully this helps someone

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