It´s not really a problem but I would like to know the difference. I´m not a programmer. When I started with GeoNode 2.4 I used to run the commands as geonode name-of-the-command Migrating to 2.6, some of the commands didn´t work that way and now I´m using them as

python manage.py name-of-the-command

If I run geonode updatelayers, I get errors; but if I run python manage.py updatelayers, everything goes smooth.


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If the geonode wasn't installed via quick installer, then you have to use "python manage.py"


What does GeoNode doing? link website Geonode is seems to me like a US open layer dataset. Your are looking for open data for the US? You can use WMS/WFS data and import it in QGIS. If you want to use GeoNode 2.4 which OS are you using?

My experience is to do a full deinstallation (official way) and fresh install of the new software.

  • I know what GeoNode is, i´ve been using it for a while. The question is about GeoNode commands used in the server, as administrator. Nov 10, 2017 at 12:34

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