I'm using gdal_grid to convert a shapefile with points and I would like to set the pixel size of the output. I've only found the -outsize flag that lets me set the size of the output raster, but I would prefer to just say that I want 2 x 2 m pixels and let the tool figure out the size of the output raster.

With gdal_rasterize you can set the -tr flag, but that tool won't do interpolation.


GDAL version <3.2

To set the pixel size in gdal_grid, you have to play with the following options:

-txe xmin xmax:

Set georeferenced X extents of output file to be created.

-tye ymin ymax:

Set georeferenced Y extents of output file to be created.

-outsize xsize ysize:

Set the size of the output file in pixels and lines.


xcellsize = (xmax - xmin) / xsize
ycellsize = (ymax - ymin) / ysize

New in GDAL version 3.2.

-tr xres yres

Set output file resolution (in target georeferenced units). Note that -tr just works in combination with a valid input from -txe and -tye

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