I have catch basins that I've joined to a table of inspection data. I want to label the catch basin ID in bold followed by the inspection results each on new lines below unbolded.

It appears to fail when the test results table has a "<" in it as shown below on the left. it works fine for the one on the right.

enter image description here

Is there an escape character I can use somewhere (either in my label expression or in the table, itself) that will correct the formatting in those cases?

this is the label expression I have now:

"<BOL><UND>" & [L1Storm_Inlets.FACILITYID] & "</UND></BOL>"&vbnewline&"Chlorine: "&[FullComparison.Chlorine]&vbnewline&"Temperature (F): "&[FullComparison.Temperature]&vbnewline&"E-coli (cfu/100ml): "&[FullComparison.E_coli]&vbnewline&"Enterococci (cfu/100ml): "&[FullComparison.Enterococci]&vbnewline&"Surfactants (mg/l): "&[FullComparison.Surfactants]&vbnewline&"Ammonia-Nit. (mg/l): "&[FullComparison.Ammonia_Nit]

I forget the number, but it's the most recent release of ArcGIS Pro.

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I don't use Pro but according to the help, it appears that this works the same way in Pro that it did in ArcMap. The less-than sign and the ampersand are both special characters and they will break your formatting unless you use the escape codes, which are &lt; and &amp; respectively.

It's probably not a good idea to replace the < symbol in your analytical results with that code just for labeling purposes, so I'd add a field to your attribute table just for label text if you can.

  • Excellent point to add a new field to label from rather than messing with the actual numbers our inspectors logged. Thanks!
    – Zipper1365
    Nov 10, 2017 at 19:28

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