I want to convert two double (double longitude_wgs84_radians, double altitude_wgs84_meters) which I get from a function.

The coordinates looks like

latitude_wgs84_radians: 0.924593
longitude_wgs84_radians: 0.176054

How can I convert them into UTM in C++? A code example or documentation would be nice.

I tried the example code from GeographicLib 1.49

// Example of using the GeographicLib::UTMUPS class
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <exception>
#include <string>
#include <GeographicLib/UTMUPS.hpp>
using namespace std;
using namespace GeographicLib;
int main() {
  try {
    // See also example-GeoCoords.cpp
      // Sample forward calculation
      double lat = 33.3, lon = 44.4; // Baghdad
      int zone;
      bool northp;
      double x, y;
      UTMUPS::Forward(lat, lon, zone, northp, x, y);
      string zonestr = UTMUPS::EncodeZone(zone, northp);
      cout << fixed << setprecision(2)
           << zonestr << " " << x << " " << y << "\n";
      // Sample reverse calculation
      string zonestr = "38n";
      int zone;
      bool northp;
      UTMUPS::DecodeZone(zonestr, zone, northp);
      double x = 444e3, y = 3688e3;
      double lat, lon;
      UTMUPS::Reverse(zone, northp, x, y, lat, lon);
      cout << lat << " " << lon << "\n";
  catch (const exception& e) {
    cerr << "Caught exception: " << e.what() << "\n";
    return 1;

but if Im trying to compile it, I get 3. errors.

undefined reference to `GeographicLib::UTMUPS::EncodeZone(int, bool, bool)'
undefined reference to `GeographicLib::UTMUPS::Forward(double, double, int&, bool&, double&, double&, double&, double&, int, bool)'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

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