I m currently trying to build app in the Intramaps roam. IntraMaps Roam is a simple data collection application built using QGIS. Roam is built as a standalone fully packaged Python application with everything included. QGIS is not required to be installed on the users machines. see this url for more information.

At the moment I m trying to add a topo background layer. This backgroundlayer (brtachtergrondkaart) is a WMTS provided by the dutch gouverment and is open source. The url to this WMTS layer is: https://geodata.nationaalgeoregister.nl/tiles/service/wmts?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMTS

I have added the WMTS layer to the QGIS project that the app uses. When i start the app and open the map I get the following message: Failed to load brtachtergrondkaart.

I can't find in the documentation of Intramaps roam if a WMTS layer is supported. Does anybody know if this is integrated or do I have to make this feature in the program?

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Currently this project has an issue exactly open with that. Maybe you should contribute information to this issue in the official repository. The update for WMS issue is 7 days ago.



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