Ocad-Style symbol decrease

Is there a way to make symbol size decrease/increase at the ends of line like in OCAD?

In the first line the brown dot is decreased near to the end of line. In the second line the symbol is brown rectangle. It is spaced very tightly and decreased at the end, producing effect of thinned line.


1. Points

Assuming this is a point layer containing features which are ordered accordingly, you could create a field containing decreasing values. Then use this field for the Size setting in the layer's Style Properties.

Depending on how your layer is structured (i.e. if it contains several groups of points), you may need to select your points carefully and then either manually enter a size in the attribute field or use an expression.

2. Lines

Assuming this is a line layer, you could use the Arrow symbol layer type and set it so that the Head length and Head thickness have a value of 0. And then set the Arrow width at start and Arrow width settings to play with the size:

Line style settings

This could create a line of varying size:


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    The first example is actually a line feature. May be there is some sort of expresiiaon to get dhe diatance from the end of line feature and calculate according thikness? – Xeenych Xeenych Nov 17 '17 at 16:47

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