We have just started using QGIS on windows at my work and I am the application responsible. I want my users to have a predefined setup with a couple of extensions and some WMS servers as a starting point. (If they want to add something afterwards, that's fine with me)

How do I do this?

I would prefer not to send out a description with open this menu and do that.

Is it possible to distribute some qgis-project or some type of .ini or .reg file with this information?


I would recommend you refer to this Deploying QGIS settings in an enterprise environment.

QGIS stores stuff in two places:


Registry (Windows) | .config (Linux)
.qgis2 is for all templates, plugins, python code, processing models, etc

However you can also use the --configpath and --optionpath command args to set
the folder to store the .qgis2 folder and settings. The settings will be saved
as a ini file.

The registry keys (or ini file) will store everything else config related.

  • Thanks, I was googling for a while but "deploying" was a term I didn't think of. – MortenSickel Nov 17 '17 at 9:05

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